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Experience Matters
Molly Gairdner-Culbreth is a seasoned energy professional with a broad range of experience gained over 19 years. She is currently the President/Owner of Commercial Electricity, based in Pasadena, Texas. During her tenure as VP of Sales of IntelliGen Resources, Molly established strong relationships with the supplier community while negotiating contracts on behalf of her multi-site commercial and industrial clients.

Her professional experience also includes working as a Senior Commercial Electricity Broker with GSE Consulting, and on the supplier side with both Reliant Energy and Integrys Energy. Her expertise extends beyond energy procurement to include demand response (DR), environmental products, data management, risk management, utility tax recovery and regulatory monitoring. Molly also understands the wholesale side of the energy business, she worked with Koch Industries as a Natural Gas Basis Pipeline trader and started her career as a Futures Trader with Transworld Oil, one of the largest privately held futures trading firms in the world. Her trading portfolio included commodities such as natural gas, crude oil, heating oil, unleaded, coffee and the S&P Index.

Building Strong and Trusting Relationships With Our Clients…
Commercial Electricity is there for your company from the inception of the procurement process. During your contract you may have market questions, billing issues, add/drops, etc. Commercial Electricity will be available to guide you through your contracts for years to come. When you work with Commercial Electricity, we will:

• Guide you through the process in a timely and concise fashion.
• Request usage data from utilities to analyze.
• Develop a procurement strategy that reflects market conditions and needs of your company.
• Prepare formal pricing proposals, including all pertinent information.
• Send RFQ to the top energy companies in the market (approved suppliers only).
• Analyze and evaluate bids.
• Discuss options to help you find the energy plan that makes sense for your company.
• Negotiate prices and contracts with the best terms and conditions available to suit your needs.
• Collaborate with clients to evaluate pricing and the terms and conditions of your contract.
• Ensure the contract is properly executed and put in place by the supplier.
• Provide ongoing assistance to keep up with the volatile and ever changing electricity market.

Why Work With Commercial Electricity?
In the ever changing electricity market, working with an energy industry expert can help your company develop an energy plan that will suit your company’s needs and maximize your profit margins. Companies face many challenges when it comes to energy procurement. Think about your current plan, and ask yourself:

• Do you have an energy management plan?
• Do you know your choice of Retail Energy Providers?
• Do you know your price risk tolerance?
• Are you paying late fees?
• Do you have a reliable procurement professional to help make all of these decisions?
Commercial Electricity will help you with these energy procurement challenges!